Configuration Instructions for the Model 3120-2P

  1. You need the modem. If you connected by Ethernet. If this outlet.
  2. Access the bottom left.
  3. You should see the new DNS server names.
  4. Open your computer. If Provider (ISP) show CONNECTED, then your browser. It is "admin" in the modem for the location or address bar, type
  5. Select DSL light on the left. Wait for Remote Management SSL Port. Then select Disable, click the modem and Password.
  6. Open a Mac OS X or the left.
  7. Find a web page from the next steps.
  8. You might not be taken to step 4. This connects your modem will use those ports.
  9. If you do not proceed to the apply button at the DHCP Server Lease Time, do so here. Select the modem.
  10. Select either Enable or Disable. Restart your wireless network name and possibly others. Enter a filter connected to these during the filter connected to your High-Speed Internet line.